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Terms & Conditions

Before submitting your order, please review these Terms and Conditions.Essquare Furniture & Interiors wants you to be well informed on every aspect of your purchase; from the moment of your purchase to the day you receive your furniture.

Before You Submit Your Order. Please check the Drawing/Photograph/measurement prior to placing of order, in order to ensure accuracy of the item numbers, sizes, finishes, and fabrics. Your order will be placed exactly as placed by you. It is also important to take measurements to make sure the furniture you are purchasing will fit through your house and can be placed in the area of your choosing. All measurements shown on the drawing/photographs are estimates given to us by each Manufacturer and may vary from the actual measurement of the item once produced and received. In our quotation, we strive to provide an accurate representation of the finishes; however, due to changes in lighting and a wide variety of resolution qualities on different computer monitors, some color variation is possible. To determine the exact color of a finish, we suggest that you examine the actual product or see if a finish sample is available.

Deposits. At least Seventy percentage (70%)of the order value is required to be paid at the time of acing of orders. When the furniture is ready with us, you will be notified and required to pay the balance by cash/check/pay order/Demand Daft. After getting 100% payment material will be delivered.
A one hundred percent (100%) deposit is required on orders for direct shipments from the factory or furniture manufactured at the customer's premises.

Split Shipment. If a split shipment for any item on your order is approved, you will be required to pay the balance on the delivered items and to maintain a fifty percent (70%) deposit on the remaining items (unless the remaining items require 100%deposit). Additional delivery charges may also apply.

Change of Orders. Order changes will be allowed only when Essquare Furniture and Interiors has the ability to change the order however in no case changes shall be accepted after 48 hours . Each permitted order change will require a Rs.1000/=as service charge. Requests for order changes must be in writing and signed by the customer and must be sent by FAX, mail or email.

Cancelled Orders. You may cancel your order anytime within twenty four hours after placing your order. In case of cancellation of order after Twenty Four hours , you will be responsible to pay for a 60% restocking fee. You may contact us at any time to check the status of your order.

Delivery Charges. All delivery charges shall be paid by the customer at their premises. The customer will be responsible for all delivery charges including those which exceed those quotedby Essquare Furniture & Interiors.

Expected Time Of Delivery. The delivery times depends a great deal upon availability. If the items are in stock at the manufacturer, we average 4 – 8 weeks depending upon the volume and nature of the job. Please Note: These are estimates, not guarantees. Upholstery orders may take longer than our estimates due to manufacturer production lead times.

Holding Your Delivery. You will be notified when your order is finished at our manufacturing center. Deliverycan not be held at our manufacturing center more than seven (07) days that also at your own risk.

Delivery Of Furniture

Pre-delivery. You will be notified when your furniture is ready at the manufacturing center and a delivery will be scheduled shortly thereafter. Before that you have to clear all dues. You may, of course, choose to pick up your furniture directly from our distribution center yourself or have it delivered through another delivery service or carrier. While this procedure is welcomed, you should be aware any furniture picked up in this manner will be treated as an "AS IS" purchase and may not be returned for any reason. The delivery service will make every effort to meet your scheduled delivery time, but please remember delays may occur due to circumstances beyond the driver's control. Have your rooms and pathways to your room(s) cleared and ready for delivery as the drivers cannot move existing furniture. If you cannot be present at the time of the scheduled delivery, please make arrangements to have a responsible representative present to fully inspect and accept the furniture on your behalf. The signature of your representative on the Challan binds you with respect to all aspects of the acceptance of the delivery including the condition of the items delivered. In case of heavy furniture you may be asked to provide assistance in moving it.

Delivery. Delivery is made by movers who specialize in delivering furniture. If the location of the delivery is not accessible by our delivery truck, it is your responsibility to provide transportation from the truck to the location of delivery. If your order is undeliverable for any reason, the furniture will not be delivered and you will be charged a seventy percent (70%) re-stocking fee plus freight charges. If the movers have difficulty placing an item in the area of your choosing due to limitations such as narrow halls, stairways, corners or ceiling heights, the items will be placed in another area of your home. If you insist the movers maneuver an item in a difficult situation, you will be responsible for any resulting damages to the furniture and the premises. The movers are not permitted to set up baby cribs nor any items that attach to walls. The movers are not permitted to dispose of packing materials and those items will be left with you. Please carefully review the section entitled "Damaged Furniture."

Defective Furniture. The furniture sold by Essquare Furniture & Interiors is warranted by each manufacturer raw materials, not by Essquare Furniture & Interiors. In case of some manufacturing defects from the part of Essquare Furniture & Interiors, rectification of such mistakes shall be done by Essquare Furniture & Interiors at free of cost. However you must bring such mistakes to the person representing Essquare Furniture & Interiors at the time of delivery. All merchandise we purchase is from reputable companies with excellent quality control, but defective items are occasionally shipped. In most cases, defects are of minor nature and can be cleared up in the home by a professional furniture technician. In the event you receive an item you feel is defective, please call our representative/send us photographs clearly showing the defect along with a written description so that we can assist you with submitting the claim to the manufacturer. While none of our manufacturers offer refunds for defective furniture components, we will be willing to repair or replace the item only after getting the replecement from the respective manufacturer of the components. Natural flaws and imperfections in wood add to a piece's beauty and charm and should not be viewed as damages or defects. Natural stone varies in color and veining, and there is no control over veining or color. In case of sale of furniture at substantial discounts offered by Essquare Furniture & Interiors, changes of defective components, minor door and drawer alignments as well as minor touch-ups is the customer's responsibility.

Damaged Furniture. Occasionally, the furniture may experience minor damage during shipment or it may contain manufacturer defects. Please take your time an inspect all the furniture upon delivery and denote any damages or defects on the delivery ticket(bill of lading), as it is much easier to have these problems corrected when denoted on the delivery ticket.If your delivery is taking place during our normal business hours, 9am-6 pmMon. – Fri. & 9am –1pm, on Sat., please call us and we will help you determine what to do.

If you are directed to keep the piece of furniture that is damage we will we have a professional furniture technician come to your home and correct the problem.

Miscellaneous Terms

Title to Goods.Title to goods passes to you at the time of delivery.

Jurisdiction and Venue. This document and disputes shall be construed under the laws of the Nation and venue and jurisdiction shall be in Kolkata. Furthermore, should a dispute arise, this document requires any issues to be subject to mandatory arbitration in the State of West Bengal, India.

Unpaid Balances. Any balance more than thirty (30) days (if any past) due shall bear interest at the rate of eighteen percent (24%) per annum. In the event collection efforts are necessary, the customer shall be responsible for all expenses of collection including attorney's fees and costs.